Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guess What?!

What does this picture mean? 

I'll give you three guesses. Once you guess right, you get a "prize". :) 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm Back... sort of...

Technically I've been back for the last week since spending 3 weeks at 2 different camps. The first week was a teen serve week where I and 14 other teens went and got the campgrounds ready for camp by washing hundreds and hundreds of dishes and doing different projects. The second week I was counseling at the same camp for a cabin of 10 (yes, ten!) 10-11 year olds. (And I was the lead counselor... which wasn't exactly what I was expecting.) It was absolutely crazy and insane and challenging, but God did so much that week both in my cabin and the camp as a whole. Words can't describe that week and I've never had to rely so much on God's strength. By the end of the week I was so incredibly fried and devoid of everything I had mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

 And that brings us to the 3rd week... which was spent at a different camp going as a camper for my own age group. My dad was speaking so I ended up going and it was really, really good. God really used it as a time to refresh my soul and clear my mind and it was exactly what I needed. The hardest part was having gone from spending every single day for 2 weeks with some really close friends to having absolutely zero contact with them.  But God used the time away from those friends to teach me dependence on Him.

 God used camp to bond me insanely tight to 2 of my friends and unite the 3 of us (James, Ashley, and me) into a dynamic team. We're looking forward to this year and seeing what God has in store.

 Also, blogging is not a top priority at all with me at this time. I have so many people that need my attention right now between my family, my friends, and "my girls" (aka, the jr. high girls in my life that I'm trying to invest into heavily at this point). Then add onto that my church and other things and my blog just sort of fades to not being that important. So it's not that I'm not going to blog anymore, it's just a warning that I wont likely be posting with any regularity... but I think that's been evident for awhile.

 God bless you all and have a fantastic summer!