Monday, November 21, 2011

The Heart of the Matter - Being a Girl

 Within each girl's heart is this everpresent longing. There's this desire that pertrudes to the deepest part of us and insists on being known. Despite our vain attempts to hide it in independence and pride, it's still there: a need to be cherished and loved.

 It goes beyond the fact that we were a generation raised on Disney and Darcy. It goes beyond the pressures put on us by media and society to be in relationships. It goes to the root. It's why those other things exist. It's in the very fiber of our being.

 The most tomboy girls I know, still want to be loved in a breathless, romantic, larger than life sort of way. I've yet to meet anyone who'd truly argue it's any different than that. Because though we may at times fight it - we claim "we are woman. Hear us roar." - we have our nights where we lay in bed and dream. We have the times when we're watching a movie and something hits that piece of our souls. We have days where we wish that "the one" would just hurry up and reveal himself already. And if you're a girl reading this who doesn't relate, let me know.

Why do we experience this? What's the reason that we all seem to have these stupid emotions that often seem like they are doing us more harm than help? How can we be level headed and smart towards a million things - but mangage to find ourselves tangled into a fuzzy ball of yarn in a certain situation? From the depths of who I am, I believe that this is because we were created, on purpose, to be this way.

 Now, that might sound rather cruel. It's easy to wonder, "is God sitting up in heaven laughing at the fact that I just Facebook stalked this guy because I was horribly attracted to him?" or "does God not believe in sleep and dry eyes?" but really, this deep longing of love can be a good thing - because it can be what draws us towards God.

 We were made to know and to be known. We were made to love and recieve the most ballin' love the world has ever known. Yet our hearts aren't good anymore because stupid sin messes everything up. So instead of running to the one that can fill that desire that we all have, we run to stupid men. We think that if we have the fairy tale ending, if a man gets on one knee or tells us everything we want to hear, that our hearts will be full. Yet Jon Foreman once wrote this bit of pondering, "I don't know why it always goes down hill. Why broken cisterns never could stay filled," and I think we've experience that ourselves. Only in filling the God shaped void with God can the hole be filled. I believe that God created us with a desire to be loved by men simply because it shows us how much more we need to be loved by God.

 Fairy tales are great. I love them. But I know that if I someday get the pleasure of falling madly in love with an amazing man, it'll never compare the grandness that's found in falling madly in love with the Creator of the universe. Because with a love like that, you know you should be glad.