Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Love for the Spoken Word

 Poetry slam.
 Two simple words instantly put me into a cozy little cafe with people wearing scarves and snapping their fingers with one hand and sipping tea with the other. The concept of spoken word has enraptured me since I was about six and watched Anne Shirley recite The Lady of Shallot in Anne of Green Gables. That beautiful, intense, lustrous way of putting life into poetry is what makes me love poetry. Needless to say, when my English teacher announced a poetry slam for an assignment, I was pumped.

 She ended up turning our poetry slam into a legitimate contest. Two students from her four classes were selected to go on to a final found to compete and I got the privilege of being one of them. This is the piece I wrote for the slam and I just wanted to shave it with you all. Enjoy!

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